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Dream World International, Inc.

Dream World International, Inc. is a proud wholesaler of such popular brands as Zacchi, Pacelli, Xxiotti, Dreams and Carmel Zhao.  These instantly recognizable labels offer the latest fashions for today’s sophisticated urban male.

From blazers to suits, quality is the hallmark of our clothing - quality that originates from unique designs and fine materials and results in a custom look.  You won't find weak stitches or inferior padding.   Instead, our labels promise the superior craftsmanship and lasting comfort that allow every man to look and feel their best.

We're able to offer the industry's fastest order turnaround and shipping, and back it all up with exceptional customer service (just ask any of our customers).

Dream World's garments deliver the fresh style and great fit that people expect from today's high-end brands, at affordable prices. Your clients will look good, save money and love you!

We distribute our fashion products to the United States, the United States Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and other locations around the world. 

Dream World offers exciting, consumer-friendly garments that will help you to grow your customer base.

To learn more about our Zacchi, Pacelli, Xxiotti, Dreams or Carmel Zhao lines, and/or request fabric swatches and samples of our quality offerings contact us here or call us today - (215) 320-0200 or (800) 789-7792.

Thank you so very much for visiting our website.  We hope to hear from you soon!

Fashion MenShop in our store for great urban mens fashion

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Carmel Zhao >>


Well-known designer Carmel Zhao creates this sophisticated sportswear collection of shirts, casual jackets, pants and overcoats for Dream World, and we produce and market it.  Our unique collaboration is best defined as casual yet dressy, understated with a rich look.

Carmel Zhao "Plush" fabric topcoats are famous for their sleek, drapy, and elegant appearance and fit.  53" in length, and available in single and double-breasted models, these garments are so popular, many consumers boast multiple colors in their wardrobe.

Men with a more refined sensibility and awareness of how they like their sportswear to feel are immediately attracted to these designs.  These garments say "I am wearing better sportswear that makes me feel special."

 Shop for great uaban mens fashion

Dreams >>


Shirt/Pant Sets are the item that best define the Dreams label.  Here, as in all Dream World dress clothing collections, quality, fit and great design stand out. 

Dreams collection shirt/pant sets are offered in Regular and Big & Tall Sizes up to 8X in a changing variety of styles. Fresh fashionable designs and clean fashion-basic models compliment one other to create  easy-to-merchandise consumer presentations. All Dreams sportswear is offered on an open-stock basis to maximize retail sell-through, and the reorder process is simple and efficient.

Comfortable, wearable and surprisingly affordable sportswear is the success story of the Dreams brand, a story that has been written through the dedication and loyalty of customers that repeatedly come back for more.

Shop for great uaban mens fashion

Pacelli >>


Pacelli was Dream World's inaugural label, conceived and designed to represent our core fashion items.  It includes men's suits, blazers and dress pants in a wide variety of colors and styles, all of which were designed to be both fashionable and affordable (a rare combination in today's marketplace).

Over the decade and a half that Pacelli has been on the market, it has found a preferred place in the closets of men that want to look and feel great in any business or personal setting.

Pacelli garments are made of durable synthetic fabrics produced to Dream World's high standards. Fashion basics that are built to last.

Shop for great uaban mens fashion



Xxiotti is our top-of-the-line collection, designed for the man seeking ultimate quality and sophistication in his wardrobe.  It truly represents the best Dream World has to offer, merging fashion and sophistication to produce superior results. 

This premiere collection is well known for its Wool & Cashmere Topcoats, made 50" in length and available in Regular and Big & Tall sizes. Our signature "Chesterfield" model topcoat with Velvet Collar is a perennial consumer favorite.

Actually, velvet is a key category of Xxiotti merchandise. Velvet blazers, vests and pants are produced using the world's best velvet, with the entire collection being offered in 7 fashion colors.

From wool and cashmere topcoats to velvet blazers, vests and pants to 100% wool suits and dress pants, each Xxiotti garment is produced using the highest quality fabrics and artisan craftsmanship. 

Shop for great uaban mens fashion

Zacchi >>


‪The Zacchi brand has been focused on fashion and full of excitement for more than a dozen years now, showcasing the unique designs, unusual fabrics, and great quality and fit of a high-end label. 

The fabrics used to produce Zacchi garments are made to Dream World's specifications by experienced fabric mills around the world. Our designer works closely with these mills to create special fabrics found only in the Zacchi collection.

With Zacchi, we at Dream World work to take the best fashion ideas from Europe and Asia and add an American vibe to create exciting, fun-to-wear fashionable men's suits, sport jackets and dress pants. Special attention is given to the details of these products, with quality built from the inside out. Interior (unseen) construction is comprised of high quality components producing great fitting garments. Exterior (visible) details such as linings, buttons, trims & stitching meet and exceed that of high-priced brands. The end result of this meticulous process are men's suits, jackets and dress pants of excellent value at affordable prices.

The Zacchi collection is appreciated and preferred by men seeking unique dress clothing that helps them express their individual personalities.  This is clothing men love to wear and they are often on the receiving end of wonderful compliments about their clothing.

Shop for great uaban mens fashion

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